I have seen the stars, and cannot stop.

Last year, I purchased a star tracker that I could put my camera on to take longer exposures of the stars. After hunting around, I finally found a nebula and took a bunch of pictures. This one isn’t it, but it is where that first picture has led me. I ended up getting deep into the hobby, purchasing a dedicated astro camera, a more robust computerized mount, and have learned how to use different tracking, planning, scheduling, and observatory programs. I now know what the cloud coverage will be from dusk to dawn three days in advance, and can readily hop from star to star across the sky and locate where many objects live. 

Hopefully, this is something I can update here, unlike every single other blog I’ve started and stopped. I’m sure all the random people I corner to tell all the astronomy stories to are hoping for my outlet to be excited about this just as much as I am.